Could you maybee send me your version. Thanks to the automatic map search and all the useful tools included in this software it’s very easy to create a tuned file and obtain good power increments. I dont know why because I never even used it. Aswell, the grey box is asking for drivers which are not in the CD that came with the box. Sun, 24 Aug

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I will keep you noticed.

We had email server crash few days ago, please, send us again your message. The built-in base maps which can magnify himself allows you to quickly create a new project and start working with him. Does anyone have any experience with the cmd clone on the med9. I did not understand very well what you need sorry but I speak very bad Englishif you want the software unfortunately do not have one, just wanted obdd2 know if it worked to buy software and interface Monday, August 18, This would normally not work,me did this car by galetto K-line.


Wed, 13 Aug I did not get a refund or a replacement. Return to For sale. I will check smps mpps clone ,maybee this works. I will tell tomorow its ok foer you?

So far I found only figures that exceed the ? Waiting for your reply. Sun, 24 Aug I have to do with him now for some time,no problems.

CMD Flashtec

Thanks to the CMDBoot plugin you can read and programmed computers with TriCore processors with the latest tuning-protection. My friend,dont buy it for euro,it exist for only euro in poland I will be waiting for your reply. MagPro2 seems an expensive clone!!!

My mail has not been working at all for a week, so if you sent me an email i might have not been able to read it.

The K-line bus works perfectly. I can prepare for you winols 1. Mon, 19 Jan I bought this equipment from you because i preferred to pay more money but to have good support, and the one i am getting is no good.


In addition, only offered by map3 Map3d can be in Polish version, which is normally not available. Thursday, August 21, Item on ebay De: The unique version with the Polish language.

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I must read entire post. You do not have permissions to view obx2 files yet. Have both soft on my lap,not here. Mon, 18 Aug Regards Hi, is clone of kess. For each supported computer CMDFlash calculates the checksums before upload file. Item on ebay, licenses Date: