Going into the season, J. His obstinate attitude and perseverance make him a legend in his own right. He had become sick from the exhaust fumes and was long gone when the checkered flag waved. So to all of us who loved JD, his unstoppable determination, unflappable spirit, and his perseverance at all cost to do what he truly loved In , an auction was done to sell what was left of McDuffie’s race team.

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Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Statistics

Early in the race McDuffie slammed into the turn 5 wall due to a broken ball joint making the right front tire fly off and making J. John Delphus McDuffie Jr. His best overall showing was mcduffid Music City in Nashville. Newer Post Older Post Home. Many of those drivers might have been among the greats, had someone taken a chance and put them in first class rides, but the cycle was a vicious one that tended to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

You could always tell the length of a race, by the number of cigars JD taped to his dash. And, with every flash of the green lights and the roar of his engine, Burke continues to pay tribute to his mentor and the friendship they shared. News crews rolled film. JD did win a pole position at Dover inthat qualified him for the Busch Clash which he was very proud mcduffif.


Book examines the life and death of Sanford NASCAR driver J.D. McDuffie

On the long back stretch, at mph, JD 70 car and Jimmy Means 52 car touched wheels. Saturday August 10th, there was a race at the nearby Shangri-La Speedway.

After peering into McDuffie’s car, he began frantically signaling for assistance, and a host of mcduffle personnel and track workers rushed to the scene. Ol Blue was put back into service. Downing, a champion sports car racer, and his brother-in-law Hubbard, were in the process of developing the HANS devicewhich had just jcduffie production. Last year at the Southern now known for running throwback paint schemes one of the teams displayed his most recognized Rumple Funiture Co.

Along the way he earned the respect of competitors who routinely defeated him on the track. He also held the record for most last-place finishes until when Joe Nemechek passed him. D went to see his first ever race. The officials held white sheets surrounding the upside down car to block the view of the fans.

The judge in the case ruled that McDuffie was mcduffoe enough with the track to be aware of the dangers and that mechanical failure caused the accident. The cause of the accident was very ambiguous for McDuffie. As the months and years passed, he continue to try and secure that illusive first win.


North West – Simone Andrews. I’m not telling you this tragic story just because this is the 23rd year anniversary of his death, but also to enlighten you. Thankfully McDuffie was able to get mfduffie of the nnascar, but with second and third degree burns especially to his hands.

He also had a broken upper left arm. Yes, awesome article Brock. On the dirt, he could run with the best, but asphalt was a different story.

Large foam blocks were also suggested. McDuffie was all of those things and more. Report this video Select an issue.

J. D. McDuffie – Wikipedia

Fortunately, he was able to escape nnascar inferno under his own power and was taken to the hospital with second and third degree burns, especially to his hands.

Undeterred, the aging driver was back behind the wheel within a couple months. As we went about that task J. McDuffie that day took with it not only a boss, but a business partner, a mentor, and a close friend.