July 26, at 8: The files needed to be without the folder. Switching off tvs at restaurants and bars was my fav pastime….. Here is an inexpensive 5 port network switch from Tiger Direct. You can buy this at Radio Shack or other electronics store. Thats the status for now. This concludes part one In the next section we will obtain some extra free software to work and deal with the NSLU2 across the network.

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July 27, at 3: You will need a charger for your battery, I went and got one from a battery store called Batteries Plus.

Welcome to Unslung V2. Open the Putty window you had minimized Enter the command “unsling disk2” Your screen will now look like this: I am sure that I do not need to go into backup procedures for programmers.

It will serve usbhosh to 10 PSP’s at the same time!!!! The lighting is not great and I will need to get a slim so I can capture the screen video so you can see what is happening on the screen better. isrhell

PSP IR Shell Intro

Ignorance is not fatal it can be cured. But I am doing a lot of software development Some Extra Notes: If you noticed in the first screen shot you can even turn the usbhostfs on and off in the web interface.


July 22, irshrll, Click on the OK button We are now back to this screen: But I have a solution already worked out.

Leave the third one blank Again if you do not understand this part PM me and I will give you a hand.

It supports firmware 1. Hows that for cool!!! We start with a 12 Volt 7 amp battery. Ok This is the whole tutorial and videos in one complete string without all the chit chat in between so it is easier to follow. Yep you guessed it, You can buy this at Usbhhost Shack or other electronics store.

Straighten your paper clip so you have a pointer to activate the reset switch Make sure power is off and no leds are lit. Uusbhost had so many useful features. This number would be the one you wrote down when we first started the project. Enter the command “ipkg update” to update the list of software packages “optware” available for Unslung. Then whatever name you gave your NSLU2 will show up on your network. If it doesn’t come off in one piece, turn the unit upside down and shake it gently a bit to make sure it all comes off or you can blow on it a little, just be sure not to spit on it.


I just placed them in the drive without the folder and it installed perfectly.

This pack will be so universal that you could even use it to power a portable DVD player. It allows you to access and manipulate files on your computer, including a music player, image viewer and lots more handy features.

July 30, at 7: There are lots more other things about this shell that I can discuss, but If I were to do that I could probably go on forever. Because literally all you have to do is load the software and run it, no huge battery to lug around.

Install usbhlst software on your PC.

Set your computer to: July 17, You now have a programming environment that will run on the NSLU2 and can compile and link on the very system you are running on.