As configured, you’re limited to installing three PCI cards. The system has The top is rubberized to provide a nonslip surface and has cable management to route USB and other cables to the back of the system, where they can be plugged in. Just wave it in the air to move the cursor. Check out the Dell XPS ‘s test scores. DataSafe local and online components. This remote would be a 4.

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The XPS has a few outstanding features that could put it on the short list if you’re in the market for a technology-forward multimedia Xfelerator.

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Speaking of external devices, you can stack a few hard drives or media players xceleragor a Zune or iPod on the top of the XPS ‘s case. The case pops open as easily as previous high-end Dell BTX cases. This is the one you look at if you xcelerattor power but feel that the XPS with dual graphics cards is too much PC for your needs. External hard drives are always an option, but the HP solution is more elegant. More RAM helps mostly if you do a lot of professional projects like print-quality photo editing and video editing for TV.

This remote would be a 4. No multimedia hard drive bay. The Dell XPS is a forward-looking multimedia power machine, to be sure, but unless you’re enamored of the idea of having the xcwlerator SideShow-equipped desktop PC on your block, there are other choices out there. Xce,erator can download more SideShow gadgets from Microsoft’s Web page. All in all, it’s an attractive makeover, but the unit is still undoubtedly a large tower PC.


His background includes managing mobile, desktop and network infrastructure on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. SideShow isn’t compatible with Vista’s Sidebar gadgets. And although adequate for files like photos and text, the included 10GB online backup will fill up fast. The XPS is not really a tinkerer’s case not much room to move around inbut it’s fully equipped anyway.

SideShow apps are still limited. DataSafe local and online components. The MiniView is a Microsoft SideShow display, which means you can use it to view stuff like images from your pictures folder, feeds from webcams, or even play solitaire how else would you get used to the interface?

The XPS gives you a whole bunch of multimedia power in a decently priced package, with forward-looking technology, including a Blu-ray drive and the XPS miniView, which uses Microsoft’s SideShow technology. Photoshop Elements is a basic photo library and cleanup tool; Premiere Elements lets you import, master and share videos; and Soundbooth is an audio production tool.

Check out the Dell XPS ‘s test scores. It interfaces with MCE perfectly, giving you playlist navigation and track info displayed on the remote itself, while the built-in Gyration 4220 makes it act like a 3D mouse. Two changes are especially notable: With these, you should be able to transfer anything you shot or recorded digitally stills, video, audio, camera-phone, and other media onto the XPS ‘s hard drive.

Joel is proof that you can escape the retail grind: It’s also competitive at 57 seconds on the Photoshop test anything under a minute is excellentand it shines at 3D tasks. Become a fan of PCMag. This is a high-powered system. The XPS does have DataSafe online backup, but that method is slow when you have to back up really large files.


Conversely, less memory 1GB means that you’ll be waiting an extremely long time to get any multimedia tasks done. There’s a setting that lets you monitor your computer’s health CPU usage, memory left, and the likeand Windows Media Player controls, so SideShow is somewhat useful out of the box.

In any case, if you use Xcelerator as directed, you’ll be able to transcode video on the fly while still having your PC available for other tasks, like surfing.

When I try to transcode on other PCs that use only the CPU for that task, the system can become unusable because all of the processors’ “work” goes into transcoding.

Dell XPS 420

It looks like an evolution of the xelerator silver and black XPS and the Dimension boxes. There aren’t many SideShow gadgets so far, and they’re mostly limited to local and Web-based information screens, but in time there should be hundreds out there.

It replaces the XPS as Dell’s high-end multimedia desktop.