In Japan, Fujifilm marketed these cameras under the label Clip-it. Not a novelty but interesting enough though. You will be surprised how many there were even before Y2K. The introduction to the market went pretty smooth and went almost unnoticed. There are also models made by Abrook Technology Ltd. It was not a high quality camera but could easily compete with other digital cameras in the same lo-res price range. AOL and Vivitar bothes launched two versions.

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Ec526 we have the internet’s first and almost complete list of the ultimate OEM digital camera. Called as stated before the DS ID. The camera did fairly well in Europe. These are the only three models known to exist. In my opinion they didn’t and just offered the point-and-shoot version of the camera.

Oh yes, the body color changed from white to black. The re-issued OEM version can be found easily but this model is pretty hard to find.

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JVC apparently showed no interest to this one and focused entirely on their videocamera production. Consumer digital cameras with CMOS sensors were still rare in with not even a handful of different models out there.


There were only a handful of those cards available and no reader. In this was not only the world’s first digital camera with a CMOS sensor instead of CCD imaging sensor but also the cheapest “high-quality digital camera” back then. DNT is a german consumer technology company. This camera and it’s OEM brothers and sisters was marketed between and It was marketed in The smallest and lightest xc526 cameras with TFT screen at the time. The introduction to the market went pretty smooth and went almost unnoticed.

Ricoh released this camera after the Ricoh RDC-1 S was well accepted on the market and reviews were good.

What makes this camera so special is the fact that it has an onboard processor that allowed the user to upload his own parameters for resizing, compression etc. It csmera a dc5226. It also seems that Polaroid, like Agfa, marketed this camera in two different body colors, silver and gold to be precise.

Only difference was that the ADC has x pixel resolution. Another interesting side note is that in the US versions a credit-card sized remote control was included. Several digital cameras have been released under the Dimera brand name.

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This camera surely was something unique. The LCD viewfinder could be mounted on the flash hot shoe and gave the viewer information about program settings and image playback.


There are some hints here and there that there was a TECO Dimera but no picture material is available. The DS ID however is famera impossible to track down. Since their customers already had the hardware computers, processors, databases they looked for a possibility to integrate imaging into their systems. I am adding them anyway to this page although they are different from the specs and the backs. Thus improved and marketed later. It wasn’t Hitachithat’s for sure.

Kodak did the same with their DCi line. The Logitechs are clearly distinguishable.

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This error multiplied itself on xamera internet because some cameras are labeled model DC underneath! I know this is not a digital camera but it is and was the first and only still video camera OEM model. The cameras were totally identical except for a few minor details. Voice recording was also possible.