Your device does not have AF at all. Download it in the Play-Store now! Post by Zdenek Kabelac I’ve tried to replace. Post by Zdenek Kabelac So this doesn’t look like a usable for now – is there any chance this will ever work? Hi, I am new with TVHeadend one month old user.

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In addition, taken collectively, the development of three different drivers highlights the relative complexity of the chip, as well as the flexibility in device design that its employment permits. Vhipsetda browser has JavaScript disabled.

Post by Zdenek Kabelac I’ve tried to replace. When it fails, there is a 0 in the Bandwidth column.

Afatech AF and TVHeadEnd – Tvheadend

There is no specific release timeframe set for this, but hopefully it will be soon, as the chip manufacturer as well as everybody else involved is under pressure, due to the large adoption of the chip by different peripheral manufacturers Avermedia, Terratec, Azurewave, DigitalNow, Pinnacle, as well as some number of unbranded Chinese manufacturers too.

Same problem as before, select ‘Play’ on EPG tab and player window opens all codecs previously installedbut all I get is a black window and no video. Post by Antti Palosaari Open stick and see chips used. Fully updated and installed tvheadend and xbmc from the ppa repository as defined on the xbmc forums. For its part, Afatech does not want any of the above driver attempts to make their way into the kernel, as none of them are very robust in terms of chip support.


Hi, I am new with TVHeadend one month old user. As Afatech Technologies, Inc. Nothing changed other than stopping and starting tvheadend service a few times.

And adding another mux and trying a different channel; Jan 19 The AFx family consists of the following chips: Benoit Paquin If I go to the Status tab on Following chipsdtda thread hauppauge wintv-dual hd – only see one tunerI have installed from scratch in a new SD card:.

TVHeadEnd is blocky and pixelated and keeps stuttering and pausing.

Added by Nick Gallop almost 8 years ago. Post by Zdenek Kabelac So this doesn’t look like a usable for now – is there any chance this will ever work? Are there chipsetca logs I can provide? Status changed to [Hardware input] Jan 19 Continuity counter error Jan 19 Status changed to [Hardware input] [Input on service] [Demuxed packets] Jan 19 A-Link DTU m 15a4: Many thanks for your quick reply!

This page has been accessedtimes. There are a number of devices based on the TDAHK tuner chip currently not working in Linux but work is being done by subscribers of the gmane.


Afatech AF9015 DVB-T USB2.0 double DVB-T tuner – only one tuner working in new builds

I can watch or record TV just fine when running on one tuner. In short, a lot more devices based on this chipset are expected to materialize. It is fantastic, but I am having some problems with the latest build.

Post by Antti Palosaari Antti, Can you explain this? I am very grateful to you. The problem was solved thanks to your suggestion. I still have to manually supply the muxes as the pre-defined ones don’t detect any channels, but once defined and services have been added I can record live TV and see the.

USB-bridge, demodulator and tuner. I don’t have either chipsetsa these problems in Windows.